Australian Shepherd Resources

Below are some great resources for all Australian Shepherd owners. Click on the image to visit their site!

Please let us know if you know of a resource that should be listed!


The Australian Shepherd Club of America is the parent club for the Australian Shepherd. You will find a lot of great information on the website.

The ASCA Rule books and forms page is a great resource.



United States Australian Sherherd Assn


The United States Australian Shepherd Association is the AKC Australian Shepherd Parent Club. They host a national and many conformation and performance specialties. Lots of great information on their website too.



USASA Foundation


The purpose of the United States Australian Shepherd Foundation is to fund projects that further the welfare of the Australian Shepherd breed. They fund health and genetics research as well as scholarships for Juniors and breed education events.



Australian Shepherd Health and Genetics


ASHGI is dedicated to the increase and diffusion of knowledge of genetics in the Australian Shepherd, and the inherited diseases from which it sometimes suffers. We envision serving all Aussies, no matter what their purpose, the goals of their owners, or where they live. ASHGI will work both independently and in cooperation with researchers, breed clubs, canine health organizations and foundations that provide grant funds for canine genetics research.


Paw Print Pedigrees allows breeders to show the world that they care about the genetic health of their dogs and that they screen for known diseases. It allows puppy buyers to find responsible breeders that perform genetic testing and helps you find like-minded breeders who care about the genetic health of their dogs.



Animal Genetics

Animal Genetics offers genetic testing services for Canine inherited traits and diseases, and Equine coat color and inherited disorders. For over 25 years, Animal Genetics has delivered high quality, friendly service to our customers in the United States, Europe and the world. Our DNA testing services enable individuals to better understand and manage risk associated with a variety of infectious diseases and inherited genetic disorders, while optimizing their breeding programs through genetic screening.